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Kirsten Ashley Wiest, soprano

Siu Hei Lee, piano

Premiere recordings by composers Jeffrey Holmes, James Erber, Jack Van Zandt + György Ligeti's "Mysteries of the Macabre"


Jeffrey Holmes, composer

A dramatic & esoteric journey through mysterious mythological realms of imagination, RIDER OF DARKNESS, PATH OF LIGHT evokes natural landscapes united by themes of isolation, primordial struggle & conflict, death, and the Beyond. These premiere recordings feature virtuoso performances by Nicholas Isherwood, the Talea Ensemble, Jason Hardink, Kirsten Ashley Wiest, and many others in a collection of provocative vocal, chamber, and solo compositions.


Lei Liang, composer
Susan Narucki (soprano); Kirsten Ashley Wiest (soprano); Hilary Jean Young (soprano); Josué Cerón (tenor); Anthony Burr (clarinet); Madison Greenstone (clarinet); Fiona Digney (percussion); Sean Dowgray (percussion); David Aguila (trumpet); Pablo Gomez Cano (guitar); Takae Ohnishi (harpsichord); Mark Dresser (contrabass); Steven Schick (conductor)


Anne LeBaron, composer

Performers: Pasha Tseitlin, Nic Gerpe, Anne LeBaron, Mark Robson, Julie Feves, Jon Stehney, Alison Bjorkedal, Mark Menzies, Kirsten Ashley Wiest, Chris Stoutenborough, Jim Sullivan, Erik Rynearson, Charlie Tyler, Eric Shetzen, Nicholas Olof Jacobson-Larson, Stephanie Aston, Andy Dwan, Linnea Powell, Nick Deyoe, Cory Hills


Music by Joseph Bishara​

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