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voice lessons • masterclasses • classroom instruction

The foundation of my teaching is built upon inclusion, encouragement, and positive reinforcement, creating a healthy and constructive learning environment wherein students feel secure to experiment, learn, and grow through vocal and musical expression. My approach is one of nurturing and kindness, meeting students where they are and offering individual guidance for each student along their journey to finding their authentic artistic, musical, and physical voice. 


Lessons, masterclasses, and classroom instruction are structured to be upbeat and engaging. Student involvement in course activities including repertoire selection, peer feedback, and focused listening are essential for confidence and community building, and are incorporated in all lessons and singing-based courses. Through this structure, students of all skill levels noticeably grow as performers through increased ability in vocal technique, musical awareness and execution, and stage presence, as well as growing confidence in their abilities.


I prefer to teach the entire person and not the physical instrument alone. Singers who are healthy in mind and body tend to sing on a much higher musical and technical level - and achieve their musical goals and aspirations more quickly. I believe that learning is about communication and experimentation through a lens of enjoyment, and do my best to dissolve stress, anxiety, doubt, and fear from the mind of every student that walks through my door. Through this mental clarity and freedom, greater results can be achieved in less time, helping each student reach closer to their full potential.


• New Music Repertoire

• Art Songs and Arias from Outside the Canon

• Fresh Takes on Standard Repertoire

• Extended Vocal Techniques

• Working with Composers

Voice Lessons

Technique and performance practice in classical, musical theater, and popular genres.

I strive to keep voice lessons affordable - music education should be accessible to all.

My voice studio is currently full. Please send a message with questions or to be added to the waitlist.

Classroom Instruction

I am currently teaching at University of California Riverside and San Bernardino Valley College.

Current courses:

• Applied Vocal Instruction

• Class Voice

• Music Appreciation

Previous courses and courses in rotation:

• Opera Workshop

• Lyric Diction

• Vocal Masterclass

• Performance Forum

• Women in Music

• Music Theory

• Musicianship/Aural Skills

• Music History (Debussy - present)

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