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Miss Kirsten is the highlight of Bella's week! 

She loves her singing lessons, and she wishes Miss Kirsten could be her teacher at school!



 Very creative teacher. Always has 

something to add for the students 

in a setting that can be easy for some 

while very challenging for others. 

Very caring and supportive. 

Good relationship with students. 

Great teacher, thank you Kirsten!                        Awesome teacher and person!


easy to learn from and understand,

great mnemonics for memorization.



Kirsten is a great teacher.

She is bright, and cheerful, and makes lessons fun and enjoyable.

She works with me a lot on sight-singing

and I feel like my skill level increases more with her than it would on my own.

She always fields questions and takes her time

making sure I feel comfortable with the material before moving on.

I highly recommend Kirsten to other students.




 Very kind, friendly and helpful to her students.

Always positive to create a comfortable environment.



Dear Ms. Kirsten Wiest,

I'd like to take the time to thank you for a great quarter. [My other teachers] sadly do not compare to you at all in quality.

I really appreciate how much effort and energy you put into the class. You show that you care about the learning that  goes on and that you want to help your students succeed. You are patient and very nice. You answer questions and you are helpful. You prepare stuff for us outside of class. I've never had a teacher that works as hard as you.

Again, I wanted to send you an email to let you know how great of a job you do...Keep up the great work!






Hi Kirsten,
I want to thank you again for today's lesson. I compared my recordings and I can notice a significant difference in my voice. You're a great teacher. You tailor the lessons to the student well and quickly. I'm going to keep these lessons in mind whenever I teach math or anything else.




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